Countdown to Summer!

10 more days until summer vacation!  We are in full swing of transitioning to summertime lesson schedules, camp planning, etc. here at the Stables.  Texts and emails are going out to parents reminding them of summertime policies and activities.  Texts and emails are coming in about vacation plans and holidays.  It's a busy time!

In the midst of summertime planning, please make plans for your horse while you are gone.  The paperwork that is signed here at the Stables when a new boarder comes in covers the contingency of an absent owner when a horse need arises.  If your barn does not make those arrangements please reach out to your farm owner/manager so that they are aware that you will be away and they know who to contact should an emergency pop up.

Don't forget that many horses will need work while you are away.  Every once in a while I hear an owner mention that they will give the horse the summer off while they are traveling, then resume showing in August or September.  Summer is three months!  They don't just jump back into competition shape.  Arrange for a friend to ride them, or hire your trainer, or plan to give them a longer period to get back in shape.  

We all get excited for our summer vacations.  Horses need the same consideration as our other four-legged companions in terms of finding sitters (or arranging for the neighborhood kid to feed them!).  Owners will have a better time away on vacay knowing that their horse is covered!